Blytheville Post Office Hours Phone Number and Reviews

blytheville Post Office Hours Phone Number and Reviews

They delivered my package to somebody else’s address. To make matters worse they keep ignoring me. I’ve been promised to be contacted many times but nobody ever does. This place is horrible and they refuse to make good on their promises.

I think I made it up to 6 different promises to contact me back, even after filing a complaint at the 1800 number. It wasn’t until I contacted the little Rock post office did this one contact me at all. Now I’m waiting on another promise to call me back. One time can be understood. Accidents happen. This is beyond reasonable and pure neglect to do their jobs. They have even admitted to giving the mail to the wrong person they just won’t deal with it.

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Address: 600 N Broadway St, Blytheville, AR 72315, United States


Friday 8:45AM–5PM
Saturday 9:30AM–12PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:45AM–5PM
Tuesday 8:45AM–5PM
Wednesday 8:45AM–5PM
Thursday 8:45AM–5PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

blytheville Post Office user reviews

Blytheville Post Office Hours Phone Number and Reviews

Sacha Wilson
Always friendly and helpful. Usually not very busy, but during lunch hours and at the beginning and end of day, expect a line.

Yazmin SoReal
I stay right on kentucky right beside the post office and i still end up with the wrong mail. Which is ridiculous when im literally 15ft from the building and they still can’t get my mail right .i shouldnt have nobody mail that live on the next street.

Kaylee Jones
Horrible, they’ve been delivering my mail and packages to other people’s houses. When i notified them that i had not recieved my package, they insisted that the package which was delivered to the wrong home was not mine. The girl ended up bringing the package to my house and my name and address was indeed on it.

R. M.
Automated phone system is terrible and way to time consuming. Can’t talk to a real person at the actual post office, pathetic really.

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