deatsville post office Alabama

Post office in Deatsville, Alabama

Address: 7510 Deatsville Hwy, Deatsville, AL 36022, United States

Thursday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4PM
Friday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4PM
Saturday 8:30–10:30AM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–12PM, 1–4PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–12PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

deatsville post office reviews

Absolutely LAZY! They frequently leave my packages on the ground beside the road, stuff large packages into the mailbox to the point a few have been damaged and most recently stuffed a packaged BETWEEN mine & neighbors mailbox. I’ve gotten several “attempted delivery” notes for “dogs” when
1. we don’t even have dogs outside
2. they didn’t even come up the driveway nor try hoking the horn.
I was home ever single time and would’ve been happy to come out and grab it.

The post master tells you to “bring problems to his attention” but absolutely nothing changes so what’s the point? I’ve politely complained several times and the problems continue. In no other line of work would this absolute incompetence be tolerated – but here we are getting things we paid for damaged because of complete laziness.

Tiffany was great and helped me with an issue in forwarding my mail. She went above and beyond and even contacted my previous post office to ensure I was taken care of. Great service!

“Horrible customer service and workers. Whoever runs the mail route in Windmill Ridge always stuff my mailbox with boxes and large packages until it started falling off. Now that the mail box is completely on the ground they won’t even deliver packages to my door. Now that the mailbox is fixed they still won’t deliver my mail or packages”

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