Exploring the Meaning Behind Adele’s “Love in the Dark

Adele’s music is known for its emotional depth and raw authenticity, and her song “Love in the Dark” is no exception.

Released on her album “25” in 2015, this haunting ballad is a fan favorite for its poignant lyrics and Adele’s powerful vocal performance.

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning behind “Love in the Dark” and what inspired Adele to write it.

The Lyrics of “Love in the Dark”

Before delving into the meaning of “Love in the Dark,” let’s take a closer look at its lyrics. The song’s opening lines set the tone for its theme of heartbreak:

“Take your eyes off of me so I can leave I’m far too ashamed to do it with you watching me”

From there, Adele describes the pain and confusion of a failing relationship, with lines like:

“I’m done, I’m done I’m done, I’m done”


“I can’t find the words to say When you’re standing there in front of me I love you more than anything But the words escape me and I’m paralyzed”

The chorus is where the song’s title comes in:

“I can’t love you in the dark It feels like we’re oceans apart There is so much space between us Maybe we’re already defeated”

It’s clear that “Love in the Dark” is a song about a relationship that’s falling apart, with the couple feeling increasingly distant from each other.

The Meaning Behind “Love in the Dark”

So, what inspired Adele to write “Love in the Dark”? In an interview with NPR, she explained that the song was born out of her own experiences with heartbreak:

“I was really heartbroken when I wrote that. I was at a bit of a loss, and I was a bit numb. And then I found the strength to write about it.”

Adele has always been candid about her personal life in her music, and “Love in the Dark” is no exception. It’s clear that she poured her own pain and vulnerability into the song’s lyrics, resulting in a powerful and relatable track.

But beyond Adele’s personal experience, “Love in the Dark” speaks to a universal feeling of heartbreak and the struggle to find the words to express it.

The song’s lyrics capture the complex emotions that come with the end of a relationship, from the initial shock and pain to the eventual acceptance and resignation.

The Impact of “Love in the Dark”

“Love in the Dark” has become a fan favorite in Adele’s catalog, with many listeners finding solace in its poignant lyrics and emotional delivery.

The song’s message of heartbreak and the difficulty of moving on has resonated with fans around the world, making it a popular choice for breakup playlists and emotional catharsis.

But beyond its impact on fans, “Love in the Dark” has also had a personal impact on Adele herself. In an interview with Rolling Stone, she revealed that the song helped her come to terms with her own heartbreak:

“[‘Love in the Dark’] helped me deal with my anger. When I sing it, I feel like I’m releasing something. I feel tired every time I sing it, too. It’s like a workout, but it makes me feel free. I don’t know what I’m going to do without that song.”

In this way, “Love in the Dark” is a testament to the power of music to help us process our emotions and find healing in difficult times.


“Love in the Dark” is a haunting and powerful song that speaks to the universal experience of heartbreak and the struggle to find the words to express it. Adele’s candid lyrics and emotional delivery have made it a fan favorite

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