First Class Mail Delivery Time: How Long You Will Get the Mail?



So, how long is the First Class Mail delivery time? According to the official website of The U.S post office themselves, the delivery time takes from one to three business days, top – provided that there won’t be any delay caused by holidays or holiday season that may obstruct everything.

Wait, one to three days? Isn’t just the same as the Priority Mail? What’s the difference between the two, then?

The First Class Mail Concept


If you think of it, the First Class Mail delivery time is pretty fast, really, when you are sending mail within the state. But of course, the regular service won’t come with guarantee.Read USPS Express Mail Delivery Time

If you want to have a guarantee, you need to buy the Express Mail service. Basically, the First Class Mail and Priority Mail are different in the weight.

The other processing or handle are fairly just the same. If you are sending out documents in the thin and flat paper envelopes, and your package doesn’t weigh more than 12 oz, then you will likely be directed to use the First Class Mail.


But if your package is weighing in between 12 and 7 oz and the dimension is bigger than the regular flat and thin paper envelopes, then it is likely that you will be directed to use the Priority Mail. Moreover, the Priority Mail takes around one to two days to deliver, no more up to three days the max.

In the overall sense, which one is better? Well, if you want to get a fast result, go with the Priority but don’t expect too much because they don’t provide time guarantee that the package may not be late.Read USPS Priority Mail Delivery Time


If you can’t afford the package to be late and you want to get the guarantee, you should use the Express Mail. Now that you already know the First Class Mail delivery time, it is up to you to decide which service to use.


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