How do I sign up for USPS informed delivery?

I signed up for informed delivery because i used to be living with my husband and his uncle (we are now getting divorced). I work during the week, they’re both disabled and home all day. one among them would pick up the mail but not give me anything addressed to me, or give me the household bills (gas, electric, etc) so I could pay them.

I removed the middle of April and got a po box. Now I can see what nail i’d have. If I dont have any it saves me a visit to the post office to pick it up.

How do I sign up for USPS informed delivery?

How do I join up for the USPS Informed Delivery Daily Digest?

You join up for informed delivery online at A barcode is e-mailed to you. Take it to your local Post office together with your state issued id. they’re going to verify your address and you will be all set. Please note. Your id address must match the address you would like informed delivery on.

When I signed up for informed delivery at USPS, is that for the full household or just myself?

When I signed up for informed delivery at USPS, is that for the full household or just myself?

Informed delivery will show ALL mail addressed to your address – including past resident mail.
If other members of the household want to receive the emails also – they need to use the same confirmation code. This code will expire after numerous days.

OR they will register and get their own confirmation number.You can use this service to help reduce the unwanted past resident mail you receive.

Register your address with USPS informed delivery – this service emails you daily the USPS mail/packages to be delivered (including past resident mail) and use this service to email removal request to every unwanted sender.

Google the address – normally a companies email is found in their privacy policy. If unable to locate an email – use their websites “contact us” or “live agent”options.

“I am receiving past resident mail and that i would like this to STOP! Please remove this individual from your USPS mailing/marketing list.”

NOTE: If the mailer has the wording “or current resident” – guess what – you’re the current resident. this is often just a marketing tactic – always a current resident – the sender doesn’t have to update their mailing list. If you don’t want this mailer – remove the name/address from the senders list . once you remove one name be prepared to receive the same mailer in another past resident name. Just keep removing names until the mailer stops. My record is 15 names!

Has anybody signed up for informed delivery with the USPS? If so, how long did it fancy start sending you .

If anyone ever doubted his existence we now have final proof that Satan exists…I mean who else could have invented “informed delivery?” Could it be…..Satan! First the Weed Blower, than Pringles Potato Chips, and now Informed Delivery…what’s next?

How am i able to opt-out of USPS’s Informed Delivery service?

USPS informed delivery is attached to a USPS account and an email.To delete account – log into your USPS/informed delivery account and delete/update the informed delivery address in question.To stop emails – log into account, select settings, select “Daily Mail Updates” and uncheck “Turn on my Informed Delivery email notifications.

NOTE: If you are doing NOT have an informed delivery account/forgot about the account (unsure of password, etc). it’s best to NOT click unsubscribe on the email received. Why? you actually need to figure out why your receiving these emails. Try your best to access the account in question – try the forgot password trick.

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