How to send certified mail online

How to send certified mail online

Sending certified mail online is a convenient option if you cannot go to the post office. Here are the steps to send certified mail online:

  1. Choose an online service that offers certified mail. There are several services available, such as USPS Click-N-Ship,, and Mailform.
  2. Create an account with the chosen service and select the certified mail option.
  3. Enter the recipient’s address and upload the document that you want to send as certified mail.
  4. Pay for the certified mail service using a credit card or another payment method accepted by the service.
  5. The service will generate a label with a unique tracking number and a barcode.
  6. Print the label and affix it to the envelope containing your document.
  7. If you want to receive a return receipt, check if the online service provides this option and follow the instructions.
  8. Drop off the envelope at a post office or a USPS collection box.

By following these steps, you can send certified mail online without having to go to the post office. Make sure to check the delivery status of your certified mail and keep the tracking number safe for future reference.

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