I Lost My Tracking Number for USPS: What Should I Do?



I Lost My Tracking Number for USPS – Has anyone ever said to you not to lose the receipt when you are using the USPS service? Well, it is better that you do the suggestion as things will be complicated when you lose the tracking number.

So, if you ask yourself, ‘What should I do when I lost my tracking number for USPS?’, the answer won’t be easy.

The anticipation will make you antsy and dealing with the tracking procedure will be complicated too. So, what are possible things that you can do?Read it first without a Tracking Number USPS


I Lost My Tracking Number for USPS: What Should I Do?

Again, when you ask yourself what to do when I lost my tracking number for USPS, the answer will vary, depending on your condition, really. First of all, you need to know that the tracking number will be written on two places only: the package and the receipt.

The post office doesn’t have any records or make any backup for the numbers. That’s why it is not advisable that you discard or lose the receipt unless the package has been delivered to the destination.


Things to Do

When you lose the number, you can go to the office where you sent the package. However, don’t expect them to give you a hand or get a satisfying result. If the lost happens within days after the delivery, it is possible that you can ask for them to get the ‘copy’ number.Read it first How Many Digits Is a USPS Tracking Number


Although post office doesn’t keep any record or make backup for the numbers, they mostly keep the numbers in their own system or registry and discard everything after 30 days. If you can remember the exact date and time of the delivery, it is possible that they are willing to help you find the data.

But if you are totally clueless about the delivery time, don’t blame them if they are reluctant to help – they have other things to do, after all. This is one of the alternatives to do when I lost my tracking number for USPS.

You can always wait for the delivery to finally reach the destination. In most cases, the delivery time takes between 21 days to 28 working days so you should wait.

If nothing happens, your package should arrive at the destination safely. However, if the package hasn’t arrived in days after the expected dates – you should contact the customer service.Read it first You Need USPS Tracking Contact Number

This is alternative solution in the event you lose the receipt and you wonder, “What to do if I lost my tracking number for USPS?”


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