International Courier Services in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia, a sprawling metropolis that is home to over 10 million people. Jakarta is also a hub for business, trade, and tourism, attracting visitors and expatriates from all over the world.

Whether you are living in Jakarta or just visiting, you may need to send or receive packages from abroad. We will introduce some of the best international courier services in Jakarta that can help you with your shipping needs.

International Courier Services in Jakarta DHL

DHL is one of the most well-known and reliable international courier services in Jakarta. DHL offers a range of services, from express delivery to freight forwarding, for both personal and commercial purposes.

DHL has a network of over 220 countries and territories, and can deliver your packages to almost any destination in the world.

International Courier Services in Jakarta

Provides online tools for tracking, customs clearance, and payment. DHL has several offices and drop-off points in Jakarta, as well as a dedicated customer service hotline. You can find more information about DHL on their website.


FedEx is another popular and trusted international courier service in Jakarta. FedEx offers fast and secure delivery of your packages, with options for priority, economy, or same-day service.

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Has a range of solutions for different industries, such as healthcare, e-commerce, and aerospace. FedEx has a strong presence in Indonesia, with over 40 locations across the country, including several in Jakarta.

You can also use FedEx’s online platform to manage your shipments, track your packages, and get a quote. You can visit FedEx’s website for more details.


Tiki is a domestic courier service that also offers international shipping to selected countries. Good option if you are looking for a low-cost and convenient way to send or receive packages within Indonesia or to nearby destinations, such as Singapore, Malaysia, or Hong Kong.

Tiki has over 500 branches and 15,000 agents in Indonesia, making it easy to find a location near you. Tiki also has a mobile app that allows you to book, pay, and track your shipments. You can check out Tiki’s website for more information.

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Package Forwarding Services

If you are shopping online from abroad and want to get your orders delivered to Indonesia, you may face some challenges, such as high shipping costs, customs duties, or delivery restrictions.

A package forwarding service can help you overcome these obstacles and save money and time. A package forwarding service is a company that provides you with a virtual address in another country, such as the US, where you can send your online purchases.

The service will then consolidate, repack, and forward your packages to your address in Indonesia. Some of the benefits of using a package forwarding service are:

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  1. You can shop from any online store that does not ship to Indonesia or charges high shipping fees.
  2. Avoid paying US sales tax by using a virtual address in a tax-free state, such as Oregon.
  3. Reduce the weight and size of your packages by repacking them, which can lower the shipping and customs costs.
  4. Track your packages from the moment they arrive at the virtual address until they reach your doorstep.

One of the package forwarding services that you can use is US GoBuy, which has a warehouse in Oregon and offers competitive shipping rates and customer service.

You can register with US GoBuy for free and get a unique mailbox number that you can use as your address when shopping online. Then choose from various shipping options, such as FedEx, DHL, or USPS, to send your packages to Indonesia. You can learn more about US GoBuy on their website.

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International courier services in Jakarta can help you send or receive packages from anywhere in the world.

Depending on your needs, budget, and preferences, you can choose from different services, such as DHL, FedEx, Tiki, or package forwarding services. These services can offer you convenience, security, and savings for your shipping needs.

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