Kearny nj Distribution Center Usps Anddres and Tracking Package

Usps Distribution service in Kearny, Anddres and Tracking Package.

Address: 850 Newark-Jersey City Turnpike, Kearny, NJ 07099, United States


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Tuesday Open 24 hours
Wednesday Open 24 hours
Thursday Open 24 hours
Friday Open 24 hours
Saturday Open 24 hours
Sunday Open 24 hours
Monday Open 24 hours

Phone: +1 201-955-9647

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Kearny nj Distribution Center Usps Anddres and Tracking Package


Khalilah Sharif
Had to send out bulk mail. The representatives were very accommodating and guided us through the proper paperwork.We were in and out in less than 15minutes. Great customer service!!.

Willie Zakhary
Really nice place, all management team are great, easy to work with . Just follow the rules and you will be more than good .

Gus Mimikos
Postal Facility in the Northeast.A Family Friendly Place to work and Safety is Placed #1 Always.I enjoyed my 39 years there many nice co workers and the supervisors are more a pleasure to work for you want to go the extra mile. This is No Amazon Amazon is a disgraceful excuse for a place of employment.

Ralph Johnson
I deliver mail by the truck load every night and it is not easy for those workers to do that job. However, they make sure packages get to there destination with the help of truck drivers like me.

Jeanne JK
I have more than 20 packages had been lost in this distribution center this year!!! This package stuck at this place for more than 6 weeks!!.


One thought on “Kearny nj Distribution Center Usps Anddres and Tracking Package

  1. This place keeps losing my packages. Several times now. They disappear right after the first acceptance scan, and never surface again, and nobody on the phone can ever help. It just happened again, I currently have a package that was dropped off and scanned as accepted there 9 days ago and it’s not moved. It’s so frustrating, I need that package for work. Sorry for venting, I’m just super frustrated because it’s always the same place in NJ that my packages disappear from.

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