Lonoke Post Office Phone Number Packages Tracking

Lonoke Post Office Phone Number Packages Tracking

Amber Barnes
I just wanna give a shout out to the post man that comes around lynn lane/lynn cove. My son has been waiting months for a stuffed Pikachu (that he won on a mobile game). It never came in until yesterday. I just wanna say thank you. You didnt have to do what you did. It meant alot to my boy. He was so excited. I know there are good people in this world and you my sir are a kind person. Thank you.

Usps in Lonoke, Arkansas Maps

Address: 705 E Front St, Lonoke, AR 72086, United States


Monday 8:30–11AM, 12–4:30PM
Tuesday 8:30–11AM, 12–4:30PM
Wednesday 8:30–11AM, 12–4:30PM
Thursday 8:30–11AM, 12–4:30PM
Friday 8:30–11AM, 12–4:30PM
Saturday 9–10:30AM
Sunday Closed

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Lonoke Post Office User reviews

Lonoke Post Office Phone Number Packages Tracking

Jeremy Hughes
Worst post office in the history of history. I sell on ebay so I’m in and out most days. Basically just 3 employees there. The two ladies and the guy that spends all day at his desk. Even if you ring the bell for service he won’t get up to help you. He’ll make you wait until the lady comes all the way from the back to help you. It is extremely slow and poor customer service. Atrocious.

russell henderson
Hey u try doing it buddy for 8 years and still going strong all the day long I bet u couldn’t even last an hour.

John Gardner
They lost a package, that was delivered to the wrong address,because they CAN’T READ A LABEL !!.

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