Montebello Dr Post office CO 80918 Phone Reviews Number

Montebello Dr Post office CO 80918 Phone Reviews Number

Slamm in Fashion
Ive had big packages, little packages and expensive packages delivered to my mail box just fine in the past. Ive lost 2 packages in the past month and I am on my 3rd and they delivered it to a digital PARCEL BOX. I haven’t recieved a single code because USPS thinks im a magician. I really just want to express how I AM SO HAPPY TO TAKE TIME OUT MY DAY TO BE ON THE PHONE WITH CLOWNS.

Usps in Colorado Springs, Colorado Maps

Address: 4356 Montebello Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, United States

Thursday 9AM–5:30PM
Friday 9AM–5:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM–2PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–5:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–5:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–5:30PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Montebello Dr Post office CO 80918 Reviews

Montebello Dr Post office CO 80918 Phone Reviews Number

Jineane Young
Steve that works is literally awesome! He deserves a raise to be honest, he handled my problem with the packages and made a joke to make me feel better. Awesome dude! Even gave me a recent with all the correct addresses on there! Thanks!!

Marisa Chapa
This is our closest mail office so they must provide our daily mail. We have lived in the same place for over 3 years and our mail is always getting mixed up with someone elses mail. the past week however we have not been getting any mail at all. When I went to my mailbox we had a “vacant” slip as if we have moved and have not. This is very frustrating as we are not able to get are bills, checks, cards, and other mail. The entire time we have lived here the mail has always been a nightmare. I even had the mailman himself confirm he has mad a mistake. I am betting our mailbox is being confused for another YET AGAIN! Please make sure the mailman Smitty is taking his time and reading the mail or notices accurately as this has put us in a major bind!

Update: I was contacted and told it would be fixed but that I need to make sure to check my mail once a week. This is outrageous! Sounds to me like Smitty made an excuse that my mailbox was full so assumed we moved. When in reality we have been checking/emptying the mailbox EVERYDAY considering we are expecting important stuff in the mail. Which by the way we still have not received. I can only assume this mail has been lost or given to someone else.

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