National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

The National Association of Professional Insurance Agents, often referred to as PIA National, is the premier organization for independent insurance agents in the United States. Founded in 1931, it boasts a long history of supporting and advocating for its members across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia, and Guam.

National Association of Professional Insurance Agents

Here’s what I can tell you about PIA National:

Mission and Values:

  • Supporting independent agents: PIA champions the independent agency system, fostering its growth and protecting its interests.
  • Advocacy: They actively lobby on behalf of agents, influencing legislation and regulations affecting the insurance industry.
  • Professional development: PIA provides educational resources and training programs to keep members informed and equipped with the latest industry knowledge and skills.
  • Building community: They connect agents through local chapters, national events, and online platforms, fostering collaboration and peer support.

Key Activities:

  • Lobbying: PIA advocates for policies that benefit independent agents and their clients, such as promoting fair competition in the insurance marketplace.
  • Education: They offer conferences, webinars, and online courses covering various insurance topics, compliance requirements, and sales techniques.
  • Networking: PIA facilitates connections between agents through annual conferences, regional events, and local chapter meetings.
  • Member benefits: PIA members have access to exclusive discounts on insurance products and services, professional liability insurance, and other valuable resources.

Current Initiatives:

  • PIA2024: Power of the Independent Agent: This year’s national leadership conference focuses on empowering agents to thrive in a changing insurance landscape.
  • Advocacy priorities: PIA is currently pushing for legislation that would level the playing field for independent agents in areas like data privacy and risk-based capital requirements.


Do you have any specific questions about PIA National, their activities, or their initiatives? I’d be happy to provide more information or point you to additional resources.

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