Is It Possible to Have USPS Tracking without Number? It Depends



Is it possible to have USPS tracking without number? Wait, doesn’t all USPS service require a tracking number that would differentiate your package from the others? Isn’t the number crucial to differentiate your service with the others?

If you are wondering whether it is possible to have USPS tracking without number in terms that you have sent the package and yet somehow you lose your receipt (along with the tracking number on it), then you need to go back to the post office where you send it.

Provided that the lost happens within days after the exact delivery date, you can still go to the post service and ask for their help.Read First Lost USPS Tracking Number


It is likely that they still have the data and they are willing to help you. Mind you, though, that different post offices have different mechanism, rules, and policies. Some post offices may be willing to help while the others may not.

Is It Possible to Have USPS Tracking without Number? It Depends

After all, they may feel that it is not their responsibility to help considering that the lost happens because of your fault and they have done their shares of responsibility.


But in an overall retrospect, you should consider yourself lucky if you can ask for their help and you can get the information about the number.Read First Can You Track a Package without a Tracking

Other Methods

Another alternative of having USPS tracking without number is to have a (seemingly) paid service where you only need to create your own account at their official website.


Once you have created your account, any shipment and delivery activities will be automatically written there. Unlike the regular and traditional tracking activity where you need to type in the numbers before you can get the details of the delivery status, this account doesn’t require you to do anything.

Everything you deliver will be automatically recorded in the system so you can perform the check easily anytime you want – and you don’t have to worry that you lose the number.

It is also possible that you use a third party provider where you can use their service for the delivery as well as the data recording.Read First Recover Lost USPS Tracking Number

In most cases, these third party providers usually have their database records which they backup and update – unlike the USPS that doesn’t update their database.

So, if you are wondering whether it is possible to do USPS tracking without number through the regular service, the answer will be a no. But if you are using a special service, the answer will be a yes.


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