Post office CA 93728 Fresno Phone Number User Reviews

Post office CA 93728 Fresno Phone Number User Reviews

Jennifer Ingram
It was so dead inside, love it, I was in and out within 2 minutes. Friendly service and no lines, what more could you ask for. I just love the buildings in tower.

This post office does not post if they will be closed. They usually open on Saturdays and no posted sign stating they were going to close! There was at least 10 people waiting outside at 8:00 am Sat morning and nobody opened!

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Address: 824 E Fern Ave, Fresno, CA 93728, United States


Friday 9AM–12:30PM, 1–4PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–12:30PM, 1–4PM
Tuesday 9AM–12:30PM, 1–4PM
Wednesday 9AM–12:30PM, 1–4PM
Thursday 9AM–12:30PM, 1–4PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office CA 93728 Fresno Reviews

Post office CA 93728 Fresno Phone Number User Reviews

Puck Guerrero
So I am preparing my taxes and getting ready to send them off and I make the mistake of one not putting my return address and I forgot to make sure I had enough postage on the letter to send. So I arrive at the post office and go ahead and stick my letter into the mail with 1no return address and 2 not enough postage .By the time I get home I realize my mistake and I head on down to the post office. When I arrive I learned the post office is closed for lunch but a nice lady went ahead and took the time to make sure that I was taken care of. This is been one of the worst experiences for me But I am blessed to have such a wonderful post office nearby that will actually help their customers out the way they have. I give this post office a five star rating. They have gone above and over my expectations .

Mike Bavoso
I have had a P.O.Box at this post office since 1986. Everyone who works at this post office and has worked at this post office is very friendly. Sometimes there is only one clerk available. Plus they are now closing for lunch. It is kind of an old historic post office, with real oak wood frames and window counters. If you want fast, modern, cold robot service, go to one of the newer post offices. If want old fashion service, then come to this post office. I would not be still using this post office if there was anything wrong, after 30 years.

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