Post Office Fayetteville AR Dickson street Phone Tracking Hours



Post Office Fayetteville AR Dickson street Phone Tracking Hours

Pat Setter
Deposit box for packages doesn’t work and you can’t rely on the self-service machine to work either . I have been to three post offices today trying to mail a package. It’s like they really DO NOT want you using their service or something. What a mess. They were supposed to pick the package up from my residence three days ago. My taxes go to THIS

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Address: 12 W Dickson St, Fayetteville, AR 72701, United States


Tuesday 8:30AM–5PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–5PM
Thursday 8:30AM–5PM
Friday 8:30AM–5PM
Saturday 8:30AM–12:30PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30AM–5PM


Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post Office Fayetteville AR Dickson street Reviews


Nick Rody
Several issues with this place since we started using them. “Sorry we missed you”…garbage. my front door camera didn’t see the postman even get out of the truck. USPS as a whole has been a pretty garbage experience so far. More so at this location. Is there any accountability on employees that are lazy, and lie to the customer? You literally deliver mail, and you can’t even do that properly.

During the busiest times of the day, when actual “working people” have time to go to the post office, is when everyone decides to take their break. It’s typical to have lines of 50+ people, out the door at times, and 1, maybe 2, people at the counter, that randomly disappear to the back for 10-20 minutes.

Theresa Fretueg
I have Christmas packages that the post office on Dickson street in Fayetteville Arkansas will not deliver because there are too many. It is the obligation of the postal service to deliver mail/packages. It is also a Federal Offense to tamper with someones mail. I may need a lawyer to assist me with this.


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