Post office in Lemon Hill CA 95824 Phone Number Reviews

Post office in Lemon Hill CA 95824 Phone Number Reviews

Erika Rodriguez-Muñoz
I entered this location 10 mins before it closed. The first postal worker I went to was very rude. However, I finished my transaction after I labeled my box with Colleen. Let me tell you…Colleen was so sweet, funny and overall pleasant! Thank you Colleen!!

Post office in Lemon Hill, California Maps

Address: 6024 44th St, Sacramento, CA 95824, United States


Thursday 10AM–4PM
Friday 10AM–4PM
Saturday 10AM–2PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–4PM
Tuesday 10AM–4PM
Wednesday 10AM–4PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office in Lemon Hill CA 95824 Reviews

Post office in Lemon Hill CA 95824 Phone Number Reviews

USPS delivery notice slip shows hours for pick up are 10am to 530pm, but they actually close at 4pm. Big difference, which would be been nice to know before wasting half hour in traffic, each way.

Huy Vu
General delivery is no longer offered here but I was lucky enough to pick up one of my packages before it get sent back. The staffs were very polite and professional.

Phoebe Hogan
Rude customer service and they was late getting my mail box keys to me which could have been done the same day I paid for them in stead I had to wait for them and had to call them back to remind them that I need it finally they was delivered on that Monday morning it’s so amazing how they can treat customers that way and something not be done about it where is customer service hello we come first we pay your bills not you ours so have a long talk to your employees about this situation something have to be done.I worked in retail also and we never treat our customers that way.thank you and I won’t be coming back there anymore.

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