Post office Lucerne Valley CA 92356 Reviews Phone Number

Post office Lucerne Valley CA 92356 Reviews Phone Number

kirb fan
I love the personality of the worker La Kai. She is sweet kind and always helpful. I never have any issues there. Love Love Love!

Usps in Lucerne Valley, California Maps

Address: 10418 Highland Ave, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356, United States


Thursday 10AM–4:30PM
Friday 10AM–4:30PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–4:30PM
Tuesday 10AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 10AM–4:30PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office Lucerne Valley CA 92356 Reviews

Post office Lucerne Valley CA 92356 Reviews Phone Number

Bubba P
This place has gone downhill fast. Its starting to feel like the Apple Valley post office. Always getting someone else’s mail at my physical mailbox and I’m my PO Box. My neighbor just called me and said she got something for my address even though I don’t get mail at my physical address anymore. Not a post office for you if you have a job. Don’t open until 10 and they close at 4. Absolutely no way for me to make it on time.

Marina Karnavas
USPS Tracking tells me my package was scanned and delivered to the mailbox, except no package in the mailbox. Other packages arrive open and resealed or torn/damaged What is happening, is this regular practice at this post office? I give it zero stars.

Shotgun Pipes
The staff has always been friendly and helpful until today’s experience with Shalana. I have mailed packages by the hundreds of the same size and type for years never having one returned for incorrect postage. Today Shalana said she was going to open my mail and return it to me if it was not a book. Just tell me it’s the wrong postage with a decent tone and I’ll fix the problem, instead she threatens to open my mail and send it back to me,WOW!

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