Post office Main St Santa Ana CA 92707 Reviews Phone Number



Post office Main St Santa Ana CA 92707 Reviews Phone Number

Miri San
This is not easy to say but Garden Grove mail delivery needs to improve by training their stuff/mailmen properly! a lot of times they leave the next door neighbor’s mail instead of mine. I don’t know where my mail is!! Some mailmen don’t even pushed the mail all the way through the door leaving all the mail hanging 1/2 out of the door. Please help us to protect our personal information by delivering our mail property. Thank you in advanced

Post office in Santa Ana, California


Address: 1415 S Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92707, United States


Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–4:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–4:30PM
Thursday 9AM–4:30PM
Friday 9AM–4:30PM
Saturday Closed


Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office Main St Santa Ana CA 92707 Reviews


Lauren Ishii
I’m too far down the street, but I don’t trust my package being there. The one employee working there, just wow. No prepaid mail drop off, creepy people in the parking lot, don’t bother. USPS just needs to close that location.

Konstantin Nikiforov
Of course the scum at this location put up the general phone number with no human options instead of the actual location phone number.

Susan Tran
This is my go to post office because I live like 3 blocks away. Unless you have a stick up your boots, this place isn’t bad. Just do what you need to do and get out. Since I come here often, I figured out that they often don’t open the parking lot in the mornings until like 10 or a little later because the mailmen are packing their cars. So i compromise and park at either the KFC or the supermarket’s parking lot. Other than that I can always find a spot in the post office’s parking lot. Also, probably because of all the complaint, the customer service seems to have gotten better over the years.


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