Post Office Malvern ar Phone Number Packages Tracking

Post Office Malvern ar Phone Number Packages Tracking

Devin Anthony
Sure would be nice if the mail man picked up outgoing mail. Been having a a envelope sit out for 3 days now.


Alexus Stadler (Redhead_with_a_genesis)
Giving them five stars even though they dont always have the cool stamps in stock! The guy behind counter is always super helpful.

Usps in Malvern, Arkansas Maps

Address: 715 Martin Luther King Blvd Ofc, Malvern, AR 72104, United States


Tuesday 8AM–4PM
Wednesday 8AM–4PM
Thursday 8AM–4PM
Friday 8AM–4PM
Saturday 9–11AM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8AM–4PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777


Post Office Malvern ar User reviews

Lewis Hendrix
They lose mail entirely to often or take weeks to deliver packages that used to only take days a year ago. The whole USPS organization as a whole has sunk to third world levels in just a year. Tired of the covid, weather and budget cut excuses. It should not take three weeks for something to get to indiana from Arkansas or a month+ to Jersey. I’m waiting on stuff now from Florida that got sent on 2-12 and for some reason almost 3 weeks later no one knows we’re it is.

Drake Rhodes
Whoever gives this location a positive review doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If this was a hospital, all the patients would be dead. Drove 30 mins to Hot Springs to find a functioning post office.

Joshua Dycus
Hours are innacurate. Says open till 12pm on Saturday on the door but I’m here at 11:20am and it’s closed. Happens on weekdays too. Says open till 4pm, show up at 3:30pm closed. What is going on here?.

James Spears
You cannot get a contact number to contact the freaking post office you go through this stupid automated system they get you nowhere with contacting your post office.


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