Post office Sacramento 95813 Reviews Phone Number

Post office Sacramento 95813 Reviews Phone Number

Dennis Mina
I’ve been to this post office location a few times because it’s very close to my work. I’m able to drive there, get my letters/packages processed, and drive back to work all in under 30 mins. This location is always clean inside and outside. The line (during lunch time) never seems overwhelming and every employee that has assisted me has been polite and helpful. The offer Passport services here too. I would definitely recommend this location.

S Scott
We have been using this post office for a few months to ship 10 or more packages at a time. Have never had a problem.Right now…days before Christmas most people are stressed.Dropping off packages my packages was so positive…the workers I saw were all cheerful. This makes it easier for everyone. Thank you.

Usps in Sacramento, California Maps

Address: 2000 Royal Oaks Dr, Sacramento, CA 95813, United States


Wednesday 10AM–6PM
Thursday 10AM–6PM
Friday 10AM–6PM
Saturday 9:30AM–4:30PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–6PM
Tuesday 10AM–6PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Post office Sacramento 95813 Reviews

Post office Sacramento 95813 Reviews Phone Number

Never answers the phone. I was so mad that I went there and called and witnessed them purposefully not answering the phone. Too much mail theft has happened with one carrier from this office, yet he still works there. What good are claims if nothing is done about them? It’s been a year. If I could change post offices, I would. Have never had a problem with my post offices before this one.

Alice Retzinger
On a very busy TAX day, and with a long lìne, including passport issues for a Spanish speaker, the staff was patient, kind and efficient. Some customers were grumbling but really, do you not EXPECT a lìne on tax day? I was very impressed with the helpful service!

I’ve had a package scanned there for 10 days now each day. Why don’t they just send it instead of screwing around. No wonder they have such a bad reputation. The seller said they often have stuff just sit there for weeks. Unreal.

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