Premium Forwarding Service Commercial The Special Business Service

What is the difference between Premium Forwarding Service Commercial with the regular forwarding service?

Whereas the regular service is designed for household and residential setting, the business sector can take advantage of this service.

This kind of service is designed if you have business that gets mail within multiple different locations.

With this specialized commercial forwarding service, you can funnel all of those mails into one destination only.

Premium Forwarding Service Commercial: The Special Business Service

The Basic Concept and Idea

The idea of Premium Forwarding Service Commercial is to manage the mail that is delivered to different street addresses and PO boxes – locally or nationally – to a single and one package location.Read What Time Does The Post Office Open Every Day?

Then, the mail will be sent and shipped through Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express to your address.  Here are some of the basic facts about this service:

  • The Priority Mail Express can be used for scheduled overnight delivery. It is safe to say that it will be a priority.
  • If you use the Priority Mail, you can expect at least one expected business day – with 3 days being the latest. The service also includes USPS tracking for the added information
  • The shipment itself can reach a total 70 lbs in weight
  • Expect to choose shipment frequency that lasts from Monday to Saturday
  • If you have this commercial service, you can have automatic payment and request for the Priority Mail Express.

The Overall Fee

Don’t forget that this service is a paid service so there is nothing free about it. You will be charged an enrollment fee that only happens one time (during the application).

And then, there will be weekly fees that you should pay for the overall service or until you stop using this service.Read What Time Does USPS Deliver In My Area Location?

Keep in mind that this Premium Forwarding Service Commercial is only available for business and it applies for PO boxes. Unfortunately, the residential one can’t cover the PO Box service.

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