Show Low Post Office Local Phone Number Packages Tracking Reviews

Show Low Post Office Local Phone Number Packages Tracking Reviews

Usps in Show Low, Arizona Maps

Address: 191 W Deuce of Clubs, Show Low, AZ 85901, Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Show Low Post Office User Reviews

The people in the office are great. It’s the delivery service that is terrible. I have seen the delivery trucks drive by my yard. Go back to the box and leave a slip showing it could not be delivered. I am disabled and it is very difficult to stand in line to pick up my package. There are many others having the same problem because there is always a long line. Mostly slips to pick up packages. Paying more. Less service. And what’s up with dirty windows. Overflowing trash. Letting the landscape die. No upkeep. What is going on? !!!!

Brandon & Elizabeth Carey
If i could give 0 stars i would. horrible customer service, gone to that post office multiple times with the post slip and my package is not there. they will be rude but make them look for your package again, it is probably there they are lazy and unorganized. Replace that staff with people that actually want to work..

sloboataz Mesa
Nice people, generally good service, except that I’ve been calling every few minutes for a couple hours and it’s still busy. Not too long after moving here, a package arrived, according to usps. I was told I didn’t live…where I live, even though I’d turned in two changes of address. I went down and filled out another at the post office. They still couldn’t find it, but assured me they would. Three days later I got a notice my package had been returned to sender (good name for a song!). Two months later, I did finally receive the package. Now their site says another package was delivered 5 days ago, ready for pick up, but it’s not there. Hence the continuing calling…to the busy phone.

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