Status USPS Tracking Hasn’t Updated In 5 Days

The case of USPS tracking hasn’t updated in 5 days have occurred many times to USPS customers. If this case also happen to you, then make a complaint as soon as possible to USPS.

You can either sending them email or call to its customer service at 1 800 275 8777. After ringing, you will be connected to automatic answering machine, which will direct you to process your wish.

In order to make complain and speak to customer service directly, you need to press “0” on your dial. Then, you will be connected to customer service, and you can tell them your problem about tracking system.

Status USPS tracking hasn’t updated in 5 days Status USPS Tracking Hasn't Updated In 5 Days

However, based on discussion forum in Amazon, some of customer who have experienced USPS tracking hasn’t updated in 5 days problem, they then make a call to USPS.Read USPS Delivery Hours Sunday Service

Even after making call, they said that the customer service doesn’t give any response as the line is very busy. Sending them email might have the same probability that USPS doesn’t give any response.

The best way is indeed by coming to USPS office and meet the officer directly and tell them the problem. Then USPS officer will give you best solution to trace your package.

In case USPS tracking hasn’t updated in 5 days, you can consider to resend the package to the destination place, if the content can be sent back.

In example, you sent copy document through USPS for applying to college. As those document are copied, then you can make another copy and sent those again to your destination place.

However, if the item you sent is important and you unable to trace it, you can make a claim, which USPS will bring your package back to you.Read What time is USPS Delivery Hours Today

In this case, you will not get any refund and it might take times too, because USPS needs to search for your package. You can make a claim on the USPS claim website.

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