Where Is Tracking Number on USPS Receipt? Finding the Right One



Where Is Tracking Number on USPS Receipt? – Have you ever sent a package with the USPS? Do you know where to find the tracking number?

Do you know where is tracking number on USPS receipt? Do you even know how to manage such finding?

The Delivery Mechanism

When you are using the United States Postal Service, or the USPS, you know that there are certain mechanisms that you should be familiar with.


And knowing how to find the tracking number can be beneficial for you. You see, when you send out packages, you will get a receipt as the proof of your transaction.

On the receipt, you should be able to find the tracking numbers, which will be useful to track your package.Read USPS Change Of Address During Delivery


On every check point and every processing procedure, those tracking numbers will be used and inputted. That’s why you can use the numbers to see where your package is and in which point it has gotten to the processing.

If you know where is tracking number on USPS receipt, you can simply input the numbers on the official USPS website and see the needed information about the condition of your package.


There are two possible locations to find the tracking number. Depending on where you live, the forms of the receipt are possibly different.

The first one, the receipt is a big bigger and longer. The details on the receipt are a bit crowded and packed. But you should be looking at the written LABEL #.

It is followed by a series of numbers. Those are your tracking number. The second form is a bit shorter but it has a bar code on it. You should be able to see a series of numbers below the bar code.Read What time Does USPS deliver after 5pm

Those are your tracking number. Now that you know where is tracking number on USPS receipt is, you can check your receipt and see where they are.


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