Tucson AZ Distribution Center Usps Phone Number Tracking Reviews

Tucson AZ Distribution Center Usps Phone Number Tracking Reviews

Marcelo Rodriguez Escribano
Reading the reviews here I was SO afraid to show up at this post office. Let me tell you. My experience was excellent. I have visited several post offices throughout the country and this is by far the best one. Rosa and all tellers were courteous, helpful and nice. I went for a passport appointment and everything went super well and quick.

Usps in Tucson, Arizona Maps

Address: 1501 S Cherrybell Stra Rm 205, Tucson, AZ 85726, United States


Monday 9AM–6:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–6:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–6:30PM
Thursday 9AM–6:30PM
Friday 9AM–6:30PM
Saturday 8:30AM–3:30PM
Sunday Closed

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Tucson AZ Distribution Center Reviews

Tucson AZ Distribution Center Usps Phone Number Tracking Reviews

Aaron Vaughan
I don’t know why there’s so many haters leaving reviews, maybe it’s something to do with the passport process but as far as going in with six priority mail packages to ship across the country, these guys were more than helpful.

Courteous, polite, and the new attendant working with me asked questions of her colleagues and they acted like a team. I’ve been in many post offices, and my dad was a postal worker for his entire career, so I’ve seen the good and the bad and these guys are definitely some of the best.

Leslie “Brynn” Baird
I went for a passport application. My renewal was sent back with a letter that had instructions. The clerk was very young and didn’t read it. He kept going in the back away from the counter I guess to ask questions. He asked for the application.

I told him I had questions and it was only partially filled out. He didn’t review it. If may not go through properly. I didn’t seem to have the option to ask for a more experienced clerk.When I called to express concern the clerk laughed and said, Oh, you will just get a letter back if something is wrong.

Montserrat Pascual
Terrible attitude of the employees, especially if you are Latino. Today I went to my daughter’s passport appointment after waiting for 6 weeks and the employee did not want to do the paperwork because I did not speak English correctly. Now I have to wait another 3 weeks for the other appointment I had to make today at another uspost offices. Cherrybell offices are the worst in customer service!

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