UPS Package Says Delivered But Not Here

UPS Package Says Delivered But Not Here – Not only the recipient who feel anxious about the package delivery, but also the shipper who ships the package because it will affect them in some way.

Think that by choosing the carrier properly can help you to eliminate shipment problems, you get it wrong. Since, the problem is always there, no matter what.

On the rare occasion when you are waiting for UPS package, yet you can’t find the package anywhere around, the possibility is that,

  • The drivers already complete the delivery mission properly, however, you aren’t there at home and someone takes the package.
  • The drivers place the package somewhere else to ensure its safety to avoid theft. Commonly. They will notify you about the package through UPS InfoNotice. If the package needs your signature, and you aren’t at home, they will relocate the destination or they will ask your neighbor. Surely they will inform you about this.

Simply say, if the UPS package says delivered but not here on the front door, prior you report the missing package, there are some checks you are recommended to do. Read the first UPS Missing Package Phone Number

UPS Package Says Delivered But Not Here

UPS Package Says Delivered But Not Here

So, first thing’s first at times you figure out that UPS package says delivered but not here or there  on the certain place that you knew, which can be somewhere else around the house, such as, the back door, bushes, and some other places that not only can protect the package from harsh weather, but also theft.

Else, they will drop the package on your neighbor. That being said, you need to wait for about 24 hours from the promised date or time before you report about the missing package.Read the first UPS Says Package Was Delivered But It Wasn’t

You even can request refund for the delivery that comes late. The question is that, should it be the recipient who contacts UPS or the shipper? UPS allows recipient and shipper to initiate the contact, however it is better,

  • If the one who initiates the report is the shipper. Which means the recipient should direct their complain to the shipper, and then let the shipper to manage the problem.
  • No matter what happen with the package, the sender will inform the recipient about the package status.

If then you are wondering about who is the responsible when UPS package says delivered but not here around your house. It depends on the reason why the recipient can’t find the package that should be there on their front door.Read the first UPS Package Stolen Who Is Responsible

For instance, if the problem because of someone steals the package, in most case UPS won’t take responsibility for the package though they will help you to track the package.

Even sometimes they will pay the purchase cost or the replacement for the missing package, and direct it to the shipper.

Though the refund and so on can be a relief, the amount of money is less than the actual purchase cost. Let say that the problem of the delivery is  because of the sender wrongly put the address destination of the package, the one that is responsible is the shipper.Read the first How to Track a UPS Package That Was Transferred to USPS

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