UPS Package Stolen Who Is Responsible

UPS Package Stolen Who Is Responsible – And there you are waiting all day long for your important UPS package only to figure out the package is stolen.

Package theft isn’t less common, though it is way better to do preventive act to  hinder bad people to invade your home and take the package away, question like what will happen if UPS Package stolen who is responsible, must be there on your mind.

In fact, that kind of question always there on your mind anytime you are waiting for another UPS package once you knew that you aren’t probably at home when the package arrives.

Before talking further about the one who is responsible, UPS deals with the matters differently depending on who you are, a shipper of the package or the recipient.

About UPS package stolen who is responsible, before you submit your claim toward the carrier company or the shipper.

UPS Package Stolen Who Is Responsible

You have to know that usually the driver will consider the surrounding of  the location. If they think that the location isn’t safe enough, they will give you UPS InfoNotice, and you need only to follow the instruction.see also How to Track a UPS Package That Was Transferred to USPS

UPS Package Stolen Who Is Responsible

Nevertheless, how about if there is no UPS InfoNotice? If you are the recipient and you receive no UPS InfoNotice,

  • Ensure that you contact the shipper, and state about your current circumstance.
  • Your shipper will contact UPS for the missing package.
  • Either you ask for the replacement of the refund, it is only between you and your shipper, not UPS.

Now, how about if you are the one who ships the package? Despite you are not the one at fault if the package is successfully delivered, yet it’s gone missing, there is a lot of things to do, thus you can calm down the angry customer.

When the UPS package is stolen, as you want to maintain good customer services, right after your customer contact you and tell about the stolen package, you are suggested to,see also How to Track a UPS Package if You Lost the Tracking Number

  • Report the stolen or the lost package to UPS, this’ very important actually, for the reason that UPS prefers to work with the shipper than the receiver of the package. Commonly, it takes about 10 days to investigate the stolen package.
  • UPS proceeds the claim, and for whatever the result, UPS will contacts the shipper, for instance, they fail to track the package or they resend the package to the recipient.
  • Within the process, UPS will require the shipper to send them documents related to the missing package to figure out its value.
  • Say the possibility to find back the package is zero, the odds are, UPS will pay the claim, and it can be the purchase cost or the replacement to the shipper.

It is so normal to wary about the idea of UPS package stolen who is responsible, but you know what? As the receiver, it’s not wiser to simply blame your shipper or the carrier company, in case that the package is successfully delivered, yet it isn’t there on your front door.

Think about the solution to avoid the porch pirates to come and steal the package.see also How Long Does It Take To Be Able to Track a UPS Package

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