When UPS Says Delivered But No Package Amazon, What Should You Do?

When UPS Says Delivered But No Package Amazon, What Should You Do? – No matter what the reason, it really is frustrating when you figure out that UPS says delivered but no package amazon that is delivered.

Although this matter is unlikely to happen, get yourself prepared about things to do when the delivery is confirmed, yet you get nothing will help you in many ways to stay in control.

Shipping is a complicated matters, furthermore when it comes to international shipping services. The tracking status indicates the UPS package is delivered, however there is no sign of the package delivery, ensure that..

  1. You have to confirm beforehand the address of your shipping destination.
  2. Locate the delivery at the delivery location of your package.
  3. Probably there is notification for the delivery, thus making sure that you look for it.
  4. Find out if there is someone who receives the package, perhaps your neighbor.
  5. Find your mailbox because maybe the information about your UPS package is there.
  6. You have to wait approximately 36 hours.

When UPS Says Delivered But No Package Amazon, What Should You Do?


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When UPS Says Delivered But No Package Amazon, What Should You Do?

When UPS says delivered but no package amazon that knocks your front door, sometimes the problem is that you give shipping address inappropriately. That’s why it’s essential to verify the address of the shipping first.

If there is nothing wrong, probably the package is still there at the delivery location. In addition, there is time when UPS giving you notification like UPS InfoNotice to inform you about the recent location of the package.Read the first UPS Missing Package Phone Number

Considering your surrounding, the drivers determine to relocate the shipment for safety matter. In case you accept some note from the carrier company like UPS InfoNotice, you need only to call UPS and then give them the UPS InfoNotice number.

This way, you can reschedule the delivery, pick up the package and so on. You may need to ask your neighbor about the package.

Also there is also chance that the package is taken by intruders. Have you checked your mailbox? Prior you exaggerate your worry, ensure that you check any part of your home.

In particular case, the reason why UPS says delivered but no package amazon that you accept is that because the tracking status consider the package as delivered despite its location. Simply say, you may find the confirmation of the package delivery even when your package is still at transit location.Read the first UPS Says Package Was Delivered But It Wasn’t

On another word, start from the notification that your package is delivered, you need only to wait for 36 hours. Let say that the expected package from amazon still nowhere to be found, that is the time you contact amazon and explain your circumstance.

You have to note, it takes approximately 10 days for the investigation. And yes, not all the time you will get the package back.

Nevertheless,  depending on the reason why the package is missing, they will be refund the purchase cost. Bear in mind that term and condition apply, so then you have to confirm this matter beforehand. Some preventive acts,however, are necessary.

For instance, double check the shipping address before you send it. Another way, ensure that there is someone at home when the package comes. Read the first UPS Package Stolen Who Is Responsible

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