UPS Says Package Was Delivered But It Wasn’t

UPS Says Package Was Delivered But It Wasn’t – Though the case where UPS says package was delivered but it wasn’t there on the recipient front door is somehow rare, but either you the shipper or the recipient, you may a bit anxious about the possibility of the package isn’t reached its destination.

Fortunately, UPS offers UPS tracking where you can track the package and also its status. Not to mention, there several websites that cater you with similar services, you find it easier to get the information of the package you are likely to receive.

Less people know that even though they know exactly the position of their package, it doesn’t mean there is a guarantee that you will receive the package in timely manner.

Sometimes,  because of several factors like bad weather and so on, the delivery is delayed.

But the problem is that, how about if the delay of delivery isn’t the case, yet the fact that UPS says package was delivered but it wasn’t?

What will you do? Not only the recipient, but also the shipper who will get the impact of this typical situation, even worst for the shipper as it will affect their business in some degree.

UPS Says Package Was Delivered But It Wasn’t

UPS Says Package Was Delivered But It Wasn’t

So, what to do? Before this typical situation occurs, bear in mind.Read the first UPS Package Stolen Who Is Responsible

  1. Usually when the driver successfully deliver the package, you will get informed through notification about the location of the package when it ‘s dropped.
  2. For instance, the package isn’t required signature, in most case, the drivers will place the package in certain location around your house which they consider the safest. It can be on your back door, near your garage, covered inside the bushes, and more.
  3. In case that the package needs signature, sometimes the driver will ask your neighbor to sign the package.
  4. In order to prevent damage from weather, the driver will initiate to cover your package with something like plastic bag.

Before you get panicked and send complain at times UPS says package was delivered but it wasn’t anywhere on your sight, you can ask your neighbor about the package.Read the first How to Track a UPS Package That Was Transferred to USPS

When the drivers deliver the package in another place that is not your home for some security reasons, they will give you UPS InfoNotice that will tell you about the alternate location of the package, so then you can pick the package or arrange for another schedule for the delivery.

Let say that you already do anything necessary to locate the package, yet there is no hint of the package existence,

  • Immediately you have to contact your sender, because UPS will likely to deal the false delivery confirmation with the one who ship the package.
  • Once you confirm the problem with your shipper, they will continue your complain to UPS and work together to get the package back and send it to you. Your sender will be the one who informs you anything related to the missing package.

Ensure that you understand that it requires some times and there are processes during the investigation of the package that is lost. Read the first How to Track a UPS Package if You Lost the Tracking Number

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