USPS Akron Mountain View CA 94035 Phone Number Reviews

USPS Akron Mountain View CA 94035 Phone Number Reviews

Matt Falcon
I trusted the reviews and tried it. Got to the gate (Ellis St @ 101) and masked up, got to the guard. Said I’m heading to the post office; Google review suggested I may just show my ID and get it.I was asked by a civvie-blue-uniformed guard: am I military? (No). Am I a dependent of one? (No). Contractor? (No). Do I have a PO box there? (No). Sorry, can’t pass. Make a U turn here.Alas, no dice. It’s the closest post office to work, so it sure would be nice!

Post office in Mountain View, CA 94035 California Maps

Address: 67 N Akron Rd, Mountain View, CA 94035, United States

Wednesday 10–11:30AM, 12:30–3PM
Thursday 10–11:30AM, 12:30–3PM
Friday 10–11:30AM, 12:30–3PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 10–11:30AM, 12:30–3PM
Tuesday 10–11:30AM, 12:30–3PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

USPS Akron Mountain View CA 94035 Reviews

USPS Akron Mountain View CA 94035 Phone Number Reviews

Adam Zufall
Standard post office, helpful staff, no complaints besides the slightly restrictive hours. One important note: as this post office is on restricted property (the NASA Ames base) you will need to show your driver’s license to the guard at the front gate. Tell the guard you are going to the post office and he or she will let you go through the gate.

Nathan Buckley
There are a lot of reports that this location is not open to the public. This is not really true — it IS open to the public as long as you have a valid State or Federal ID (driver’s license, state ID card, passport, etc.). They will generally ask you to state the purpose of your visit, and all you have to say (in this case) is you are going to the post office and they will let you through.

Source: I’ve worked at NASA nearby for the better part of a decade and have passed through all of the guard gates at Moffett Field thousands of times.

Note: There are some states whose licenses are not accepted due to not meeting certain security standards, but California isn’t one of them. If you need anything done at a post office, this is by far the least crowded one to visit as far as I’m aware (it almost never has a line) — probably because so many people don’t even know about it or believe they cannot access it.

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