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USPS Benson reviews in Google update

Idk what happened to other pp packages so I think this place is underrated. All my mills and packages arrived about their estimated time. Staffs are cool if you’re cool, been using this facility for years without any problems now

Tim was literally the nicest person I have ever come in contact with at any post office ever.

Was concerned by all the negative reviews, but quickly realized they relate to their mail carriers for the most part.

Post office itself is very nice and clean. Tim helped me with a package and was polite and to the point. Overall good experience.

I ordered bus tickets online from the metro transit website two months ago because the store that I bought them from ran out. USPS sent it back to them because it was not the right address or that the mailing address was wrong. I’ve told them that I still lived at my place of residence, and that I’ve lived there for a long time. I finally managed to get my bus tickets that week. They have no idea how important those tickets were for me. I need them to get to and from work and they were screwing around with me. They caused me much stress that week. They need to get their acts together.

I plan on writing a letter about this. Why pay for overnight shipping on something will the postal worker would rather leave a notice than ring my door bell. I’m so upset that this happens every single time I am home and have a package attempted delivery. And no one at the post office seems to care. So I am going to write to someone above them. Total disgrace to our postal system.

USPS Benson Phone Numbers Tracking Online

Post office in Omaha, Nebraska

Address: 6223 Maple St, Omaha, NE 68104, United States

Saturday 8:30AM–12PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30AM–5PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–5PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–5PM
Thursday 8:30AM–5PM
Friday 8:30AM–5PM

Phone:+1 800-275-8777

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