USPS Big Bear CA 92314 User Reviews Phone Number

USPS Big Bear CA 92314 User Reviews Phone Number

sleepy zzz
They don’t deliver to unincorporated areas???This isn’t the united states postal service. This is the incorporated only postal service. I’ve lived in many unincorporated areas and they all delivered. Makes you wonder what’s going on. The man named Guy was also extremely short when talking to me, and stated that I can’t get a p.o box there. Something was strange about him. This place should be investigated.

Usps in Big Bear City, California Maps

Address: 120 W Country Club Blvd, Big Bear, CA 92314, United States

Friday 9AM–4:30PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–4:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–4:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–4:30PM
Thursday 9AM–4:30PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

USPS Big Bear CA 92314 User Reviews

USPS Big Bear CA 92314 User Reviews Phone Number

Diana Villarreal
Such a hassle, completely unreliable. I understand that they’re busy, but the way the mail is handled can’t possibly be legal. I have a P.O. Box, and I still get my packages returned to sender about half the time. Letters returned to sender as often. I forwarded my mail here from my previous address, and I’m realizing that it was such a mistake. I use the address they gave me, (after going in person to clarify twice), and nothing is delivered reliably! They’re very nice in person, but the mail delivery is beyond frustrating. My only thought now is getting a mailbox in a different city and driving off the mountain to check it once a week.

dirtaddict 922
Countless & endless hassles. I know these guys are FLOODED with work. I totally get that. But what I don’t understand is how they loose my stuff over and over and over. I get my mail here 3 times per week so it doesn’t pile up. They know me, my face and my box number. But they routinely send my stuff back or loose it. My pkg arrived on Nov 3rd. I was there yesterday the 4th = no pkg. I tracked it today the 5th showing that it’s there. They just told me they already sent it back? Just sux. UPDATE: 11/20/21 Same exact thing just happened again!

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