USPS Calexico CA 92231 Hours Reviews Phone Number

USPS Calexico CA 92231 Hours Reviews Phone Number

Alex Curiel
Price for 6 months PO box rose from 73 dlls to 91 dlls, from January to June 2022, for a year is 182 dlls, it was around 146 dlls in January.Service is still excellent..Wish they brought back the 24/7 lobby hours with some sort of electronic card access system.

Post office in Calexico, California Maps

Address: 1101 Ollie Ave, Calexico, CA 92231, United States

Monday 8:30AM–4PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–4PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–4PM
Thursday 8:30AM–4PM
Friday 8:30AM–4PM
Saturday 8AM–12PM
Sunday Closed

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

USPS Calexico CA 92231 Hours Reviews

USPS Calexico CA 92231 Hours Reviews Phone Number

Raúl Dueñas
Pros: The staff is excellent. Knowledgeable and polite. Effective. 5 stars to them.Asortment of P.O. boxes is great. Services provided are just as great.Cons: Lobby hours of operation are ridiculously inconvenient. How come a federal office can not provide 24/7 access to p.o. boxes like it used to be. If the reason is trying to keep homeless people out, do so, but not the actual p.o. box users. That is as simple as installing an electronic padlock system, so that only actual P.O. box user would have access to the facility, and that could be tracked if needed.

Emmanuel Quirino
Great and kind customer service from their clerk #13. If planning to drop something on a Wednesday be there before noon preferably.👍

Ernest A Limon
The woman who attended me to apply for my Passport was very gently and cool. Excellent service for all the employees.

Alicia Hübner
They have the worst PO Box service I ever seen… several members of the staff are rude and incompetent. Very often packages get lost and they never find them. It is unbelievable. They shame the image of such a great institution of America.

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