USPS Carrier Annex Mountain View CA 94043 Reviews Phone Number



USPS Carrier Annex Mountain View CA 94043 Reviews Phone Number

Alok Priyadarshi
I scheduled mail hold which was supposed to be delivered at the end of the holding period, which did not happen. Went to the post office on Hope Street and was told to call this number. But they never pickup even during business hours.

Post office in Mountain View, California Maps


Address: 1070 La Avenida St, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States

Wednesday 10AM–4PM
Thursday 10AM–4PM
Friday 10AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–4PM
Tuesday 10AM–4PM

Phone: +1 650-960-6851

USPS Carrier Annex Mountain View CA 94043 Reviews


Pengfei Wang
Critical: Professionalism, Responsiveness
Living in a new construction and my friend told me I can pick up my mail here .The 1st time I went there and I was told to schedule holding mail online.


I did it and the 2nd time I went there I was told to go to Mountain View USPS. I went to Mountain View USPS and was told I need to pick up my mail here. Called here and luckily someone picks up phone, telling me I can pickup my mail here from Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm.Picked up my mail twice here on Saturday and Wednesday respectively.

However, when I was trying to pick up my mail today, I was told that I can only pick up mail here on Wednesday and Friday. I insisted that I picked up my mail here on a Saturday and my friend used to do it always on a Saturday. But the man was rude and kept saying I can only pick up on Wednesday and Friday, and didn’t answer why can someone tell me on the phone that I can pickup from Monday to Saturday.

Harvest Zhang
Package got misdelivered to the wrong address, which happened to be a corporate mailroom, which signed for it. No one picks up the phones, so I went by and spoke with the supervisor, who very helpfully called it back from the mailroom and held it for my pickup the same day. Fantastic customer service resolving a serious mistake.


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