Usps Cedar Ave Fresno CA 93725 Reviews Phone Number

Usps Cedar Ave Fresno CA 93725 Reviews Phone Number

Candy Olivera
The asian man at the counter was very helpful nd helped us out a lot. The line wasn’t long but it also moved pretty fast. Definitely don’t mind going to this location.

Angel Yang
Post office on church/cedar does a horrible job at everything! Whenever there is an big package, they never want to deliver it, then they give you a notice to go pick up with a final notice warning. When you arrived to pick it up, there services is so slow. You’ll have to wait at least 45-1hr in line to sign for your package. Nothing has been done to better their services despite numerous complaints. I had multiple missing mails and misplaced mails throughout the years!

Post office in Fresno CA 93725 Maps

Address: 2382 S Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA 93725, United States


Friday 9AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–4PM
Tuesday 9AM–4PM
Wednesday 9AM–4PM
Thursday 9AM–4PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Usps Cedar Ave Fresno CA 93725 Reviews

Usps Cedar Ave Fresno CA 93725 Reviews Phone Number

Martha Rendon
Post Office 2382 Cedar Avenue Fresno CA 93727,This Post Office is horrible when it comes to customer service… I have requested the keys to my mailbox for over a month now and I still have not received them. Now they’re telling me that I need to get APO Box which is gonna cost me an extra $50 … For a Box that I do not need!
Cannot get my mail timely!.

Please Stop Doing Amazon Deliveries, because I have had issues with receiving multiple packages from USPS claiming that they attempted to deliver to my door or left it in the parcel locker. Don’t take on any more of these jobs because clearly y’all don’t know how to get it right the first time.

Kacie Wanh
Only one CRS at the counter a time, very slow, can’t help people fast enough. Too many people in line, wait too long very frustrated and not friendly. serving. This postal service must improve their customer services.

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