USPS Customer Service Complaint Contact

USPS customer service complaint – After sending package through United States Postal Service (USPS), what you need to do is waiting that your package will be arrived similarly to estimation arrival time.

You can also make sure that your package have arrived safely to its destination address, by tracking your package on USPS tracking website.

Furthermore, if you faced some problem about the delivery or tracking system, you need to make call to USPS customer service complaint, in order to get the proper answer and problem solving from USPS.

Furthermore, you will able to make best decision to your problem, like by claiming your package again, or still waiting it to be arrived to the destination place.

USPS customer service complaint Contact

USPS customer service complaint Contact

USPS customer service complaint can be reached through phone call, email, or by writing your complaint on the USPS website.Read Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box

If you prefer to contact USPS officer by phone, you can dial to (800) 522-9085. This number is USPS customer care number.

After dialing to this number, you will be connected with automatic answering machine. If you want to talk with the real person in charge in USPS, then you need to press “0” and wait for the line to be connected with the customer service.

Besides making call, you can also write them an email to This email will be answered by USPS officer which is located in central office, which mostly located in the capital city.

In order to meet with the real person and get your problem solved in quick, it is better to come to the nearest USPS office to your place, or coming to USPS office where you put your package.

Their officer will answer to your complaint, and able to proceed your need in fast, rather than making call to USPS customer service complaint.Read How Long Does USPS First Class Package

In fact, making call might not always connect you to USPS operator, because if their line is very busy and unable to accept your phone call, then your call will be disconnected.

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