USPS Customs Declaration Tracking for International Shipments

USPS customs declaration tracking is the way to track you international shipment using US Postal Service.

In the case you sent a package to receiver who lived in different country, and that person us unable to track the package, then you tell them to track with custom declaration.

In fact, there is no official way to track the package through the USPS system. In this condition, tracking with custom declaration number is the only solution to it.

Custom declaration number contains 13 digit of alpha-numeric number. This number you can find in white color at top center of Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note PS Form 2976-A.

USPS Customs Declaration Tracking for International Shipments

USPS Customs Declaration Tracking for International Shipments

Then, try to test this USPS customs declaration tracking. It will work similarly to USPS tracking number, by typing serial number on the tracking website.

This tracking mostly used by customer who sent package in order to sell them to their buyers, who are located outside the country.Read What Time Does The Post Office Open

Every trading to international is indeed need to pay custom payment. Not only trading, but also ordinary package needs to pass to custom screening before being delivered to outside country’s border.

This tracking system also will let the buyer (package receiver in other country) that the package is shipped.

As USPS customs declaration tracking is one of the way to track the package, you can still track your package through USPS tracking website, and let your package receiver know the delivery process.

Even so, currently USPS have launched a new feature to track package, which this feature is called as my USPS. To access this feature, you need to make my USPS account and log in to it.Read USPS Delivery Hours By Zip CodeRoute

Then, you will able to all packages you sent or wish to get without typing any tracking number again. Even so, this feature has not yet known by all USPS user, and there for not yet popular for its review and accuracy.

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