USPS Delivery Hours Sunday Service

USPS delivery hours Sunday – United States Postal Service (USPS) tend to not sending package and deliveries during Sunday. However, as the increasing of people needs for deliveries, USPS expand the work hour until Sunday too.

There are many people and business who needs to make deliveries in Sunday, and need the package to be receipt by receiver in Monday.

Therefore, USPS also open its office during Sunday. While for USPS delivery hours Sundayservice is the same as Saturday work hour, which will only open until 5 pm. In the weekdays, USPS office open from 8 am- 8 pm.

USPS delivery hours Sunday Service

USPS delivery hours Sunday Service

Even though USPS delivery hours Sundayhave the same open hour with Saturday office, but it is said that during Sunday, the delivery is only intended for priority mail express and some important Amazon package.Read USPS First Class vs Priority: The Basic Differences

It is because nowadays, many people shop items from Amazon which are needed to deliver as soon as possible. While Amazon can’t blame their customer who purchased item during weekend.

They can’t say that Amazon will office during Weekend, which that will make Amazon similar to other ordinary shops, and doesn’t have any specialty.

And in fact, most of working people tend to purchase item and do online shopping from Amazon during weekends. Therefore, Amazon needs to collaborate with USPS in order to send their package to the customer in the Weekends.

While for USPS blue collection box, the carrier will not take any mail from that box during Sunday. USPS delivery hours Sundayis only applied for office hour for USPS.

If you have important mail and package which you need to deliver by weekend and need to be arrived at receiver address by or before Monday, then you can use the service of USPS during Sunday.Read How Long Does USPS First Class Package

Make sure that you come to USPS office before 5 pm. It is better to come to USPS office before 3 pm in the afternoon. It is because the delivery hour for priority mail is at 3 pm.

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