USPS Delivery Hours By Zip CodeRoute

USPS delivery hours by zip code is still the same as ordinary delivery hour. The delivery hour is before 5 pm for all kind of mail and packages.

For more specific delivery information, all expresses domestic mail and packages will be delivered before 12 pm in the afternoon.

International Expresses and priority mail will be delivered before 3 pm, and for ordinary mail and package, will be delivered before 5 pm.

Those schedule doesn’t always come in time, based on traffic condition, and other reasons. Even so, simply saying, all the USPS mail and packages will be delivered by 5 pm.

USPS Delivery Hours By Zip CodeRoute

USPS delivery hours by zip codeRoute

There isn’t any schedule for USPS delivery hours by zip code. Even so, USPS carrier have their own delivery route, which then the zip code and are which is located in the nearest route will be delivered first.Read USPS delivery hours Sunday Service

This delivery process then will affect to arrival time of package in the next zip code area. In example that USPS carrier deliver a package in the first zip code area, and the house owner hardly to contact, which make the carrier wait too long to deliver the package.

It then will affect to the next delivery time, which will take longer time as the previous delivery also consume more times.

Even so, USPS delivery hours by zip code doesn’t apply for priority mail. It is because USPS have their special carrier for priority mail.

Customer who used priority mail service have paid more compare to those who used ordinary mail service. Therefore, the delivery will be special too and will be prioritized and not based on the delivery hour or by zip code.Read USPS Priority Mail Tracking Service

Therefore, if you need to accept your package as soon as possible, especially if the items are very important, it is better to take priority mail service, rather than using ordinary services.

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