USPS Goleta CA 93199 User Reviews Phone Number

USPS Goleta CA 93199 User Reviews Phone Number

Andrew Lee
The package that I’ve been waiting for nearly 3 weeks was finally found by Charlotte, who works the front desk. Charlotte was able to find the package within ONE DAY, so in other words, she was able to do what no one else was able to do within a matter of hours. Simply put, Charlotte should get a promotion or should be a manager, since she is MORE than capable of performing her day to day duties. Thanks again Charlotte!

Post office in Goleta, California Maps

Address: 400 Storke Rd, Goleta, CA 93199, United States

Thursday 9AM–5PM
Friday 9AM–5PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9AM–5PM
Tuesday 9AM–5PM
Wednesday 9AM–5PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

USPS Goleta CA 93199 User Reviews

USPS Goleta CA 93199 User Reviews Phone Number

Joan Barnett
I’m surprised so many people have bad reviews of this Storke Rd. Branch. The people working here have always been kind and efficient. If there’s a long line, they always seem to do their best to keep everything moving efficiently, such as asking people with extra work to do on their packages to step aside but then come to the front of the line when they finish the task. They do a good job of spacing people apart (and it’s a challenge in this small branch).

Pa T Mathis
Terrible. My package came to me mangled and half the contents missing. Somebody buy this place so we can get proper service

Terence Ho
Horrible customer service! The lady named Tami has a disgusting attitude to her customer. She would list out all the other usps locations and send us to them. She refuse to serve customers before the store closes just so she can leave early. The staff members of this location especially Tami needs some basic trainings! This is hands down the worst USPS you can possibly find out there!

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