USPS Large Flat Rate Box Cost The Pricing Factor

Knowing USPS large flat rate box cost can be helpful if you are dealing with the delivery of big container quite often.

You know that shipping rate can be costly especially with the big container or heavy mail. That’s why the flat rate offer can be super beneficial and handy because it allows you saving up some money for the shipping.

The Flat Rate Priority Mail

USPS Large Flat Rate Box Cost The Pricing Factor

You can enjoy the USPS large flat rate box cost if you are using the Priority Mail. This domestic service has several benefits and features that will ensure your package to arrive safely without compromising your wallet.Read USPS Track Package by Address

The starting price is around $6.65 and it applies to the big containers. Any post office and online service will have the similar features and benefits. So, what can you enjoy from this service, anyway?

  • As the name suggests, you won’t have to worry about any calculation or weighing. Because of the flat rate concept, your big and heavy package can be delivered without you having to dig deeper into your pocket. The maximum weight that you can enjoy is 70 lbs and it is applicable in any state that you live in.
  • You can expect the mail to deliver to the destination within 3 business days, max, depending on the location where it is sent and where it is delivered to
  • It comes with the free pickup service
  • It includes USPS tracking numbers that can be useful for the tracking
  • The service also includes insurance that is worth $50. The cost doesn’t have any surcharges for rural, residential, fuel, or regular delivery on Saturdays

You can enjoy this service only when you use the USPS large flat rate box cost service. If you use the regular rate, the rate will depend on the weight, dimension, and size of your mail or package.Read USPS Tracking Not Updating For International

Be sure to really know the details before using a service. If you are still doubtful about a service, contact the local service in your area or ask them via online.

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