Usps Oakland CA 94615 Hours Reviews Phone Number

Usps Oakland CA 94615 Hours Reviews Phone Number

Lisa Tam
Staff is super friendly here. Had my fingerprint done and they were really patient and helpful. They said results in 48 hours and I got mine back in 30 minutes from the FBI. Thank you Katherine!

Post office in Oakland, California Maps

Address: 1675 7th St Rm 236, Oakland, CA 94615, United States


Thursday 8:30AM–6PM
Friday 8:30AM–6PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 8:30AM–6PM
Tuesday 8:30AM–6PM
Wednesday 8:30AM–6PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Usps Oakland CA 94615 Hours Reviews

Usps Oakland CA 94615 Hours Reviews Phone Number

Joy Hwang (Faith)
This review is for the superb fingerprinting service that was provided by Murphy. As someone with dexterity issues, I always have difficulties with completing the live-scanning process. I feel bad for the professionals who help me with this process since they always have a tough time in getting my fingers to scan correctly. This time was no exception, and the woman who worked with me initially was so reluctant about completing the process that she referred me to Murphy, who she mentioned was more experienced than she is instead. It was a relief for me to work with him since he was very reassuring that I wasn’t alone with having this problem, and that his past clients never had to return to repeat the service. Although he had to sacrifice his time in helping me when he had other things to do, he got it done like a boss in a very short span of time. As soon as I got out of USPS, I also got the satisfactory result from the FBI self identification history check, which was dependent on the verification of the fingerprint images. Thanks for your help, Murphy!.

myisha wise
The worst place to come to. Only one worker and no other staff to help. At the counter. 4 other people in line waiting. Then one worker leaves to take lunch break. And it’s only 9:30am. This is ridiculous. The other worker had to leave and help with some keys to mailbox. Please get help here at this postoffice.

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