USPS Track Package by Address Is It Possible?

Is it possible for you to have USPS track package by address? If you are using the regular method with the tracking number, you can’t because this method is exclusively only designed for tracking numbers, not by address.

No matter how memorable the address is, you still need to know the tracking number because it will be the sole of your search. But there are other methods that you can try in the event that you lose the mail.

Missing Mail Issue

USPS Track Package by Address Is It Possible?

It is pretty common that some mail get missing on the way. Some of them may be delayed while some may be lost.Read USPS Tracking Not Updating For International

If you think that either is happening to you, there are some things you can do to make the process easier, such as:

  • Check your status first. By using the tracking number, see the delivery status. No, you won’t be able to perform USPS track package by address now.
  • You need to go to the Informed Delivery section that provides information about your mail. If the mail is lost, it is possible that it is being re-routed or it is sent to the wrong address.
  • After you are sure that the mail is completely lost, file a search request, especially if your mail hasn’t arrived to your door.
  • Don’t forget to include the delivery info like the sender and recipient address, the type and also size of the envelope or container being used, tracking number, label receipt, mailing date receipt, and also description of the inside of the mail, such as size, color, model, and brand.

The Worst Possibilities

It is possible that your mail is completely gone. If you are using the mail service with money back guarantee, you can start managing for a refund.Read USPS Tracking Not Updating Possibility

But if not, you are out of luck. Still, you can’t perform any USPS track package by address because the system only uses and recognizes the tracking number.


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