USPS tracking info not updating Status



USPS tracking info not updating – Tracking system in postal service like USPS is intended to give customer information about the package or mail they sent or wished to receive.

To access this tracking information, as customer, you need to type tracking number on the tracking website.

The tracking number is given to your after you sent a package through USPS, and mostly it is written on the receipt you got.


The tracking number for ordinary USPS mailing will contains 22 numbers. After typing those number, you will be informed about the status of your package.

In case USPS tracking info not updating Status, there might be some possibilities.

USPS tracking info not updating Status


First possibility when USPS tracking info not updating Status, it is not always because of some problems happening. It might because your mail is not yet being delivered to the destination address.Read USPS Premium Forwarding Service

It might be the package is still in USPS office, and your package is still delayed before sending to the destination place.


In this case, it might because of there are some package need to be sent first, or the delivery vehicle isn’t able to load your package as it have been too full.

Then, your package need to wait a day to be sent. Therefore, the USPS tracking system doesn’t show the tracking status.

Even so, USPS tracking info not updating Status can because of some trouble occurred. In example that the package have delivered to its destination and the status have been reported through tracking system, but then because of error system.

The tracking status might not able be appeared on your tracking system. If the tracking information doesn’t show any change, wait for a day or two.Read USPS Delivery Hours By Zip CodeRoute

If it still doesn’t show any changes, especially after you sent it more than a week, you need to complain the problem to USPS, by calling them or visiting them in their office.


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