USPS Tracking Not Updating Amazon Forum



USPS tracking not updating Amazon – The case where USPS tracking system doesn’t show any updated have been discussed in many forum.

One of them have been discussed about and in USPS tracking not updating Amazon Forum. One of the case, a customer have an order he dropped off at USPS that is stuck in “Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier.”

This case have been over a week since that customer dropped it off and nothing has changed. If you faced this problem too, what you need to do is make a call to USPS call center as soon as possible.


You can look at their calling center number written on the receipt you got. After dialing, you will hear automatic machine answering you phone, and press “0” to proceed to customer service. After connected, then tell them this problem of yours.Read What time is USPS Delivery Hours Today?

USPS tracking not updating Amazon Forum

In order to get fastest response from USPS, based on discussion in USPS tracking not updating Amazon Forum, it is better to make a call to USPS rather than sending them email.


Sending email might consume longer times rather than making phone call. If USPS office location near by your area, it is better to come there immediately, then you can tell USPS officer directly.

It will be more effective rather than making call and sending email. Even by making phone call, sometimes their line can be busy because of there are lot of phone caller.


Therefore, it is better to meet USPS officer directly, especially to get fast response from them.

Based on discussion in USPS tracking not updating Amazon Forum, if you still not get any response or satisfying answer, you can report a claim with USPS at USPS claim websites.Read What time Does USPS deliver after 5pm

You can also make pre order in order to claim your package back. Even so, this process might be take some times, as USPS needs to search where your package is. In this case, your money might not be refunded.


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