USPS Tracking Number Format and How It Looks Like

USPS Tracking Number Format and How It Looks Like – Whether you are sending out items or you are having one in, you will need a USPS tracking number format so you know the condition of your package and the status of the delivery.

From the tracking number, you can see where it is at. For instance, you live in New York and you order something from Washington.

If you have the tracking number, you can see the details where it leaves Washington and shipped to New York – and received by the postal handling station in New York.

Knowing the details will bring you a peace of mind as well as a certain positivity that your package is on the way.Related Posts USPS Tracking Number Not Found: Some of the Causes

USPS Tracking Number Format and How It Looks Like

USPS Tracking Number Format and How It Looks Like


It is basically simple, really. Whatever the USPS tracking number format is, you can always go to the official website of the service and have it your way.

When you already receive the tracking number, all you have to do is to type it on the available search box and you are good to go.

If everything is okay and there is nothing wrong with the shipment, you will see a display of detailed information about your package – where it is handled, when it is shipped and processed, where it is now, and such thing alike.Related Posts How to Calculate UPS Load and Backup Time

The Formats

When we are talking about USPS tracking number format, we talk about a rather long numbering format. In most cases, the tracking code consists of 20 digits. It is possible that it comes with combination of letters and alphabets.

It is common to have the format started with two alphabets, followed by nine digits, and closed with US. However, there is also possibility that other formats may occur, such as the 10 digits arrangement or others. Some people say that it depends on the type of delivery.

For instance, the regular tracking number is possibly AB 877609905 US or 9450 110000 1230000000. It all depends on the handling station or agent responsible for the delivery. Some people say that different agents have different codes and mechanisms.

Again, different types of delivery system will result in different tracking number – not to mention if it is happening in different agents.Related Posts UPS 25kg Box Shipping Cost

In most cases, the mail track number consists of 13 characters, started with two letters and ended with US. The USPS track numbers, on the other hand, generally consist of 20 digits to 22 digits without any letters at all.

You shouldn’t be bothered with the USPS Tracking Number Format and How It Looks Like and you should be able to check the status of the delivery.

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