Usps Victorville CA 92395 Phone Number User Reviews

Usps Victorville CA 92395 Phone Number User Reviews

Ar Mend
This post office is great. They do the best they can with the people they have. They’re helpful and kind. It’s a very small space but they get it done. I read some bad reviews from people who are so mean and spoiled. Postal workers tend to get hungry at work and (gasp!) have to take an unpaid lunch. Be grateful you have a post office nearby.

Post office in California Maps

Address: 13295 Spring Valley Pkwy, Victorville, CA 92395, United States


Thursday 9–10:45AM, 11:45AM–4PM
Friday 9–10:45AM, 11:45AM–4PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday 9–10:45AM, 11:45AM–4PM
Tuesday 9–10:45AM, 11:45AM–4PM
Wednesday 9–10:45AM, 11:45AM–4PM

Phone: +1 800-275-8777

Usps Victorville CA 92395 Reviews

Usps Victorville CA 92395 Phone Number User Reviews

Brittany Riggs
This is the worst post office anyone could ask for. And people in SVL are blessed with it. They decided to send all my mail back to sender WITHOUT being asked, they have put my mail in the wrong box many times as well as many other people, packages? Fogey about it. How is it allowed for this post office to even run this way? It’s a problem and has BEEN a problem. This post office is beyond frustrating to deal with.

Sankrit Mhaske
Worst post office ever! I know the employees there must be hard workers, but this place needs better management!! You’ll have to wait an extra day to get your packages because it’s “not on the shelf.” Oh and they go to lunch for an hour right after an hour & 45 mins after opening!! What nonsense… Avoid USPS at all costs, if it were not for Amazon I wouldn’t waste my time here.

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