wasilla post office annex

Address: 626 N Bobby Day Cir, Wasilla, AK 99654, United States

Phone: +1 907-376-4206

Thursday 10AM–1PM, 2–5:30PM
Friday 10AM–1PM, 2–5:30PM
Saturday 10AM–3PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–1PM, 2–5:30PM
Tuesday 10AM–1PM, 2–5:30PM
Wednesday 10AM–1PM, 2–5:30PM

10AM–1PM, 2–5:30PM

wasilla post office annex

wasilla post office annex reviews

I just tryed to call the number given for the annex. It was a recording… fine. When I tryed the # prompt it said the number was invalid.
I was calling about a package that should have been here on Wednesday. Got a text from company I ordered from said it was delayed. Looked at tracking for order, says it’s in Wasilla. Been there since Wednesday…still not delivered or even a slip to come pick it up. What gives? Been reading more and more about how people are not getting their items and or mail. Something needs to be done to fix this on going problem!

Two years ago I would have given a single star, as they forced all large packages and certified mail to be picked up here. As other people have noted, the building is tiny, with a lobby large enough for maybe 8 people. Often there were three times that many people, leading to literally hour(s) long waits.

Fortunately they have since changed what you need to come here for, and as a result the place is much less cluttered. The past couple times I’ve come here, the service was quick and professional.

There was no waiting at 10:30am. Front desk person was friendly and was able to find my missing Amazon package. I am very happy for good service. Package was already on the way back to sender and he got it. Thank you very much.

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