What to Do when I Lost My USPS Tracking Number



Have you ever used the USPS service and get the one with the tracking feature? Well, having such a tracking feature is definitely handy because it allows you to perform the checking yourself.

After all, not all of the USPS service has this tracking feature, so when you have one, you can consider yourself lucky.

But don’t you ever ask yourself, ‘What if I lost my USPS tracking number? What should I do?” Well, there are some possible options but not all of them will result in the satisfying manner.


So it would be wise if you don’t get your hopes high and be sure not to lose the number.

What to Do when I Lost My USPS Tracking Number

When you lose the tracking number and you are acting as the sender, the best thing that you can do is to contact the post service office where you send the package.Read it first Package without a Tracking Number USPS


Most post offices won’t keep any shipment data and they don’t make any data backup but if it happens within a day or two after the delivery, they may still have the data or information – whether it is in the traditional written form or they still keep it in the computer.

In most cases, you can contact them and ask them for help. They may check the current record and they may be able to help you. But then again, the keyword here is ‘maybe’ so there is always a possibility that they may not the data after all.Read it first Tracking Number USPS The Different Ways


So, the answer to the question, ‘Will I be able to get help when I lost my USPS tracking number?’ is it depends. If they still have the data and you are lucky enough, you can get the number again.

The Complication

It may be a bit complicated if you are acting as the buyer or the one getting the package. Being the one not involved directly in the process of sending the package, you will have to depend on the other person to give you the information.

Again, in the question ‘I lost my USPS tracking number and how can I track it?’ the answer will be complicated.

In the event that you have got the information about the tracking number and you lose it, you can always ask them again.

But in the event that you have got the information and they decide to destroy the receipt (discard it or throw it away, thinking that they have given you the info so they don’t need to hold on to the receipt anymore), well…it can be difficult.Read it first USPS Tracking Number The Facts

The best thing is not to lose the number because if you have to deal with the case of ‘I lost my USPS tracking number and what should I do?’ it is difficult.


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