Why should you sign up for USPS “Informed Delivery?

I signed up for informed delivery because i used to be living with my husband and his uncle (we are now getting divorced). I work during the week, they’re both disabled and home all day.

One among them would pick up the mail but not give me anything addressed to me, or give me the household bills (gas, electric, etc) so I could pay them.

I removed the middle of April and got a po box. Now I can see what nail i’d have. If I dont have any it saves me a visit to the post office to pick it up.

Why should you sign up for USPS "Informed Delivery?

How do I join up for the USPS Informed Delivery Daily Digest?

You join up for informed delivery online at USPS.com. A barcode is e-mailed to you. Take it to your local Post office together with your state issued id. they’re going to verify your address and you will be all set. Please note. Your id address must match the address you would like informed delivery on.

Has anybody signed up for informed delivery with the USPS? If so, how long did it fancy start sending you.

If anyone ever doubted his existence we now have final proof that Satan exists…I mean who else could have invented “informed delivery?” Could it be…..Satan! First the Weed Blower, than Pringles Potato Chips, and now Informed Delivery…what’s next?

Home with one mailbox. Can we’ve two email addresses associated with the USPS informed delivery account?

My spouse and that i have separate email accounts associated with Informed Delivery for the same mailing address, so it’s possible.

But i’ve got no idea how it happened—I think we both just signed up independently—or whether the sign-up process has changed so that it is no longer possible to have multiple email accounts associated with a single mailing address.

It’s impossible , however, to work out Informed Delivery images only for a specific person at an address. If you are doing sign up for two accounts, each of you’ll see all of the mail and packages coming to your address (at least, all the mail that’s processed through the automated sorting equipment that generates the Informed Delivery images).

If you don’t want your housemates to work out some of your mail, you’ll have to arrange to have it sent to a different address, sort of a PO box or a rented private mailbox.

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